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Paid Web Hosting - is the Investment Really Worth Your Time and Money?
By Tarun Gupta

‘The best things in this world…are all free’. If you are an internet marketer and still believe that this adage is true under all circumstances then, it’s high time you read through this article as in the World Wide Web space, not all free services can deliver value.

That’s especially true in case of Web Hosting services. Efficient web hosting forms an integral part of a good online marketing game plan. After all, if your website is not hosted on good efficient servers, all your promotional activities for your website would be of little consequence.

To have a better understanding of the importance of web hosting services, let’s analyze the Pros and cons of free and paid web hosting services, in a very pragmatic manner.

Free Web Hosting Services

The Pros

* It’s free!
* Good option for amateurs or for developing a non-business website like a family website, or a friendship group.

The Cons

* Limited bandwidth availability, not scalable
* The URL will have the name of the parent website
* Non-stop banners and advertisements, surface on your website
* The parent website can change the terms and conditions at any point of time, leaving you high and dry if they doesn’t suit you
* The biggest disadvantage, which in one way sum totals all other disadvantages, is that you have little or no control over your website!

Paid Web Hosting Services

The Pros

* Highly scalability which can go hand in hand with the growth trajectory of your website
* You get your own URL, helping you create brand value for your online business
* As you own the domain, you can easily transfer it from one hosting service provider to another, with any loss in up-time.
* Most reliable hosting service providers provide you with 24x7 customer support, which can be really vital when you are an online marketer as any problem with your websites presence on the Internet can cost you money!

The Cons

* Nothing really! Apart from the fact that it is a paid service. But that aspect has also been resolved to a great extent due to the availability of affordable, yet quality web hosting service providers.

The qualities of a good Web Hosting Service provider

A good web hosting service provider should necessarily provide you with:

* Options with control panels (CPanel and Plesk control panels are considered the best)
* At least 99% uptime guarantee
* Dedicated 24x7 support system
* Free tutorials to enhance the ease of use (including software)
* The most important- A lot of peace of mind!

Choosing the right web hosting service provider is of cardinal importance for an internet marketer. Now, armed with all the knowledge, wouldn’t the process of selecting the right web hosting service provider be easy?

About The Author
Search Engine marketing expert, Tarun Gupta is one of the most prolific writers in the internet marketing domain with his articles being published in numerous search related websites and newsletters.


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